Wells works to ease EMT crunch



WELLS - The Town of Wells and Wells Volunteer Ambulance Corps have obtained additional daytime emergency medical service following some difficulty raising crews for calls during business days.

Supervisor Brian Towers and WVAC Captain Avis Warner met with representatives of Ambulance Service of Fulton County regarding additional coverage.

According to Towers, the meeting was productive. If Wells can supply a driver ASFC said it would make every effort to get an EMT to calls, either from Northville up or Speculator down.

Response since has been good, Towers said.

Warner agreed. She said WVAC is working to put additional equipment such as a cardiac monitor on the ambulance at ASFC's request, and a few more people have expressed interest in becoming first responders.

Towers reminded her there is money in the WVAC budget line and more would be added if the corps needs it. He said assistance from ASFC is good for a short-term fix, but the town has a long-term obligation to staff the ambulance, especially during the day.

He said he asked town maintenance employee David Brenan, a former EMT, if he is interested in being recertified. He could respond during the day and the town would continue to pay him just as it does other employees who respond to fires during the day.

Towers said Brenan seems interested and WVAC has no problem with this arrangement, but no EMT courses will be available until fall.

Towers asked the town board to consider compensating Brenan for the cost to recertify if he decides to do so.

WVAC responded to seven calls during April, eight during March and four during February.

Editor's Note: This article is based on draft minutes of the Wells Town Board meeting of May 13, 2013, as provided by Town Clerk Mari Wilson.