Stefanik best candidate

Dear Editor,

What a shame candidates can't speak to the issues instead of throwing stones. In 2012 about $2.3 million in shadow (PAC) money was spent against Owens, in favor of Doheny. No candidate can comment on PAC ads (with Crossroads or any super PAC). By law they are to have no influence or input with them whatsoever.

Matt could not interact when Crossroads backed him in 2012, just as Elise cannot now. All candidates can do is control their own message.

Matt knows this background and yet he threw the first stone by dispensing three separate attack mailers against Elise, stamped Paid for by Doheny. For him to cry foul against her for the PAC ads, then on June 10 ask for a truce and want "issue" ads only, is somewhat humorous in the face of yet another attack mailer arriving June 12. You have not and will not see any attack ads with the disclaimer Paid for by Stefanik.

Elise Stefanik has run a campaign on the high road and about the issues while having to respond in defense of misnomers about her.

Like a majority of North Country folks, I'm not from here, but I am a proud member of our community. Elise was born two hours south of here, started out as a summer girl and is a proud resident today.

If we didn't welcome people born elsewhere, we wouldn't have our dentist, the majority of our town board and planning board. What a shame not to like or vote for a person who is qualified and calls Willsboro home. What a bonus for Willsboro and Essex County when she wins!

I will be changing my vote of 2010 and 2012 from Doheny to Elise Stefanik on June 24.

Win Belanger,