The tale of Peep and Cluck

LONG LAKE - Kristin Delehanty's pre-k and kindergarten classes at Long Lake Central School completed a project during May that focused on the life cycle of the chicken, including hatching chicks.

The cross-curricular study incorporated a variety of learning activities that involved writing, reading, science investigation, crafting and even a little 'eggs'traordinary arithmetic. Students enjoyed the story, "The Little Red Hen," with a reader's theater and baking assignment.

Local residents Stephanie and Morris Wells visited to show and tell about two of their hens. The Wells also donated eggs for an incubation project.

After placing four eggs in an incubator, the students watched, documented progress and learned about different stages of development. At the end of a 21-day incubation period the students were rewarded with the hatching of two baby chicks, which they named Peep and Cluck.

The chicks were returned to the Wells family a few days after birth.