Town line dispute is settled



PISECO - The so-called “Special District Line” between the towns of Arietta and Lake Pleasant will remain the same after five years of dispute.

Investigation, negotiations and a lawsuit between the towns arose when it was discovered 11 parcels assessed in Arietta since 1978 are actually in Lake Pleasant.

A “Special District Line for Assessing Purposes Only” is shown on a 1978 tax map, supposedly created by legislative action, but no one could find any record of the action. The “Special District Line” jogs around the 11 parcels before reconnecting with the town line.

The Lake Pleasant Town Board had asked the New York State Supreme Court to resolve the matter, but later agreed to recognize the disputed boundary line. In return the Town of Arietta agreed to pay to have the line surveyed.

That has not been done, but the Lake Pleasant agreed in April to drop the proceeding anyway. When the Arietta Town Board met June 17 it authorized Supervisor Rick Wilt to sign the Supreme Court stipulation discontinuing action on the boundary line dispute. The court drew up the stipulation.

Lake Pleasant Supervisor Neil McGovern said the residents involved in the boundary line dispute seem to believe they are Arietta citizens “and have invested in their community under that impression.

“This proved to be more convincing than the survey would have been to allow self determination for their local government authority.”


-- Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District has begun planting the bushes and wildflowers needed to finish up the Piseco Airport Clear Zone Project.

-- Barry Baker has resigned from the Arietta Planning Board so he can assume his new position as chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals. He was appointed to a term on the ZBA ending Dec. 31, 2017.

-- Wilt was appointed to the Employees Negotiating Team to fill the vacancy created by James Farber’s death.

-- The town agreed to donate all the equipment and supplies it used to use for town youth group programs to the Piseco school district for its youth programs.

The Arietta Town Board will next meet Monday, July 1, starting at 6 p.m. at Piseco Community Hall.

Editor’s Note: This article is based on draft minutes of the June 3 and 17, 2013 Arietta Town Board meetings as provided by Town Clerk Kenneth Parslow.