Kerst Livery Lane will remain


Express News Staff

INDIAN LAKE -- A request to change the name of a small property access road in Sabael was denied by the Indian Lake Planning Board Monday, July 1.

William Burke of Kerst Livery Lane wanted the name changed to Burke Way. The board denied the request because it received letters objecting to the change from Evelyn Rider and Julius Ragauskas, who also have property on the road.

The board feels the wishes of two property owners trump that of one. The board also had some concerns that renaming the road to Burke Way could cause confusion for emergency responders, because there is a Burgess Way very close by.

Though it wasn't a factor in denying the request, there was also some talk about Kerst Livery Lane having some historical value. The name goes back more than 40 years to a time when there was a Kerst Livery on Indian Lake.

The board disagreed with Burke's view that the name of the road could cause some people to look for the former boat livery.


It was Aug. 3, 2011, when Greg Davis of Evangelism Baptist Church, who operates Evangelism Baptist Retreat International and owns a number of lots on the northwest shore of Lake Adirondack, came before the board with a request to divide one lot into two.

At that time, the board told him he must obtain a ruling from the Adirondack Park Agency on whether or not it has jurisdiction over his permit application, because wetlands and shoreline setback requirements are involved.

The APA did take jurisdiction, and in October 2013 it asked the board if it had any objections to the plan, based upon the town's zoning and land use codes. The board had concerns about access to one of the lots.

At the July 2 meeting the board received a map from the APA that shows its access concerns have been addressed, so it has no objections to the subdivision.


The board scheduled a public hearing on a request from Jean Brough for a two-lot subdivision on Lake Snow for Wednesday, Aug. 6.

If approved, one of the lots Brough owns will be divided in half, with one being merged into a second lot Brough owns and the other into a lot owned by an adjacent property owner.

The Indian Lake Planning Board will next meet Wednesday, Aug. 6, starting at 7 p.m. in Town Hall.