Anyone interested?

To the editor,

I am writing this letter about Bonnie Eldridge and her 27 years of service to Indian Lake Central School. Bonnie regretfully retired from a job she loved over several unresolved issues.

During this tough time for Bonnie and her family several issues have been brought out into the public as to what is going on behind closed doors at Indian Lake Central School. Many of these issues are costing us taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Maybe it is time for some of us taxpayers to start looking into what we are really paying for. Anyone interested? Contact me.

In closing this letter I want to once again note Bonnie's many years of service and her way of putting smiles on our kids' faces. I want to wish her a happy retirement and many happy years with her family and up and coming grandchildren.

As most people in Indian Lake know Bonnie is my sister.

Brian H. Hutchins

Indian Lake