EMT classes are planned

Dear Cris,

As always, our ambulance squads are in need of EMTs. The number of EMTs in the county is dwindling. The town supervisors have realized this great need and have promised to help cover the costs of an EMT course.

We plan on having two courses in the county. One will be in Speculator at the Adirondack - Appalachian Regional Emergency Medical Services Council training room at the Adirondack Bible Fellowship building on Elm Lake Road and the other at the Blue Mountain Lake Firehouse.

We anticipate holding classes two nights a week. The specific weekdays will be determined by the people taking the class and the instructors' work schedule, whatever is most convenient for all.

New York state regulates the length of the course, which is 150 hours including clinical time. The clinical time can be done in a hospital emergency room or with an ambulance squad.

There will also be a recertification class held simultaneously with the EMT class. This will fulfill the need of those who need recertification classes.

Posters and ads are forthcoming. Anyone interested can call the Hamilton County Emergency Management Office at (518) 548-6223 or me at 548-4380 to get information or sign up for the class. We hope to have a great turnout but, no matter, there will be a course.

Gary Wickes, coordinator

Hamilton County EMS Council

Lake Pleasant