Firemen saved home

Dear Editor,

A fire consumed a garage and its contents on our property in Piseco on March 2. We're publishing this letter now, when more people will read it.

We are extremely grateful for the prompt and exceptionally professional response from the Piseco and Lake Pleasant volunteer fire departments, as well as the Piseco Volunteer Ambulance Corps. The volunteer firefighters fought an extremely hot fire, fueled by heating oil, during a cold winter night.

Due to the firefighters' alertness, training and discipline, damage to nearby trees and the house were minimized, and the properties of our neighbors were protected. The ambulance corps remained on site prepared to assist any firefighter who could have been injured.

The emotions that accompany such a loss were eased for us by the support of each person who risked personal safety, comfort and loss of a night's sleep to protect our treasured house and property. We are totally impressed with the dedication to community shown by everyone who responded to this emergency.

Chips and Ann Arend