Indian Lake / Blue Mt. Lake Community Calendar

Sunday, July 28: 7pm, "Despicable Me II," IL Theater; 9:30pm, "The Lone Ranger," IL Theater.

Wednesday, July 31: 6pm, Horseshoes, Byron Park; 9pm, "Mama Mia," IL Theater.

Thursday, Aug. 1: 10am, HC Board of Supervisors meets, HC Court House, Lake Pleasant; 4:30pm, Friends of the IL Library meet, library; 7:30pm, AA meets, St. Mary's Church.

Saturday, Aug. 3: 7:30pm, AA meets, St. Mary's Church.

Monday, Aug. 5: 12:30pm, Senior Bingo, Senior Meal Site; 7:30pm, BML Fire Dept. meets, firehouse.

Tuesday, Aug. 6: 9am, North Country Crafters meets, Byron Park; 8pm, IL Fire Dept. meets, fire hall.

Wednesday, Aug. 7: 7pm, Planning Board meets, Town Hall; 7pm, American Legion meets, Post Home; 7pm, IL Fire Dept. Auxiliary meets, fire hall.

Thursday, Aug. 8: 7:30pm, AA meets, St. Mary's Church.