Where is the pride?

Dear Cris,

For weeks I have observed a pile of litter at the main intersection in Indian Lake and I can't believe nothing is being done about it. It's difficult to understand how some people are working so hard to turn the town around and get it back on its feet, while others couldn't care less.

I know I'm going to be on some people's "black" list for writing this, but my intent is not to offend. I feel it has to be said for the sake of all of us.

Prior to the Adirondack Challenge weekend, letters were sent out and articles written to people in the community asking them to tidy up for this important promotional event, to make the town look more appealing and inviting. Yet on the porch of the building on the main street that used to be Pete Hutchins' Floor Covering there is a pile of litter in full view of everyone who passes through our town.

There are other front porches in town too that have piles of rusting junk and other litter strewn around in full view. What happened to community pride and consideration for others who have to look at it every day, not to mention visitors who come here? All it takes is a little effort to haul it to the landfill and get rid of it.

I'm not a native of Indian Lake, but bought our camp in 1968 and finally made this our permanent home in 1987. Back then we were attracted to this quaint little thriving community where, even though the people didn't make a lot of money, they were proud of what they had and took good care of it, and the town reflected that.

I hope this letter will get everyone to think, and realize what a great little corner of the world we live in and that together we are in a town that is part of it. Let's get Indian Lake to look more like it belongs here in the Adirondacks.

Frank Casazza

Indian Lake