Chief Sabael Cottages could soon be history


Express News Staff

INDIAN LAKE - The Indian Lake Planning Board had a busy session when it met Wednesday, Aug. 7, largely due to the fact that it skipped its July meeting and had to deal with the backup.

One public hearing was held, three projects were scheduled for public hearings at its September meeting and an old project was put to bed by resolving to stamp its Mylar maps as soon as they are presented.

The most interesting project is a proposal to convert a cottage community on Lakeshore Drive, Chief Sabael Cottages, to a private family compound.

Aaron Gadway of Gadway Realty said the plan is to remove five existing cottages totaling 2,844 square feet of living space and replace them with a single-family home of between 2,500 and 3,000 square feet.

The board agreed it has a complete application and voted to hold a public hearing in September, provided that the potential buyer of the property, who is proposing the change in use, would be willing to limit the size of the new house to 2,844 square feet.

Gadway was told that anything larger would need prior approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals before a public hearing could be held.


A public hearing was held on a two-lot subdivision / boundary line adjustment on Lakeshore Drive that the board subsequently approved.

John Carroll and his neighbor Judy Arsenault, who currently co-own a lot between the lots they individually own, want to evenly divide the lot between them, with each taking half.

The original intent was to prevent the lot between their homes from being developed. The subdivision will continue this goal, because it will not result in any new building rights.

Letters were sent to nearby property owners informing them of the public hearing and the plan. Only one response was received, and it was in favor of the plan.


No one on the board could remember how far back it was when a public hearing was held on a subdivision proposed by Dennis Schaf and Roger Scott. It was five years ago, on Aug. 6, 2008.

When the public hearing was held the plan was approved with the condition that they submit properly drafted, deeded Mylar maps showing the lots created by the subdivision, the shared access driveway and the shared access to the lake.

The board agreed that as soon as the Mylar maps (one for each) are presented they could be stamped and filed with the county.


Michael Booth, owner of the building best known as The Summer Store in Blue Mt. Lake, across from the post office there, was present with contractor John Starling to ask for a change of use.

The original approval was for using the downstairs as a store but prevented use of the upstairs. Booth wants to switch the approved use to instead operate the upper floor as a rental apartment.

Booth said, "I no longer want to use the downstairs. I just want to use the upstairs as an apartment."

The board will hold a public hearing on the proposal during its September meeting.


Colleen Delcore and her mother, Nancy Carroll, came before the board requesting a two-lot subdivision of land Carroll owns. The property includes the former Grandma's Things on Main Street across from Indian Lake Tavern & Restaurant.

The plan calls for creating a separate lot for the building formerly known as Grandma's Things, which Delcore plans to convert into an office for her law practice.

The board agreed it has a complete application and scheduled a public hearing for September.


Don McConley, who owns a home on Cedar River Road, wants to add a porch to the house.

Because the property is located in a Scenic River Corridor, the addition will require a site review and a public hearing, which the board scheduled for September.

The Indian Lake Planning Board will next meet Wednesday, Sept. 4, starting at 7 p.m. in Town Hall.