Keough seated on school board


Express News Staff

LONG LAKE - The first order of business for the Long Lake Central School District Board of Education Thursday, Aug. 8, was to swear in its newest member, Robert Keogh, who was elected in a write-in vote Tuesday, Aug. 6.

The second newest board member, Paul Roalsvig, took his oath of office at the school July 1 after being elected during regular school voting in May.

The next item was voting for a board vice president. Keogh was the unanimous pick. Christine Blumberg was voted president during the board's July meeting.


The accuracy of the July 9 meeting minutes was questioned when Michael Nerney asked they be changed to reflect the fact that the vote to appoint Kristen Lance as deputy treasurer and record access officer and Lisa Walker as treasurer and central treasurer for the 2013/014 school year was not unanimous, as the minutes suggested.

Nerney said he had voted against the switch in positions. The board agreed to the change.

Nerney then asked Blumberg if she would like to amend the portion of the minutes that reads, "Blumberg stated she did talk to the individuals in this email as well as Jules Comeau. She said she did not give Mr. Comeau the original email. Mr. Nerney asked Mr. Comeau if he would like to change his statement that he received this copy via email. Mr. Comeau did not comment."

Blumberg said she did not want to change her comments and maintained she did not give Comeau the original email.

At the June meeting Comeau disbursed copies of an email written by Nerney that Comeau said he received via a Freedom of Information Law request.

Nerney said the email distributed by Comeau could not have been received via FOIL, as the school's attorney had "blacked out" portions regarding a disciplinary matter.

Comeau was asked how he received the original email but refused to answer.

Comeau was not present at this, the Aug. 8, meeting.

The board approved the minutes with the one change, with Nerney casting the lone vote in opposition.


Andrew Snide was hired as physical education teacher at the Step 1 salary of $46,406.

Kami Farr was approved as a full-time teaching assistant, pending teaching assistant certification, with a starting salary of $18,281.

Elizabeth Noonan was hired as a pre-K teacher with a starting salary of $23,203.

All three appointments are subject to a three-year probationary period.


-- Resident Christine LaRocque voiced complaints about the new Common Core standards. She believes it is wrong to predicate federal funding on accepting the standards, that Common Core is unconstitutional because the U.S. Constitution does not authorize the federal government to be involved in education and that the standards promote a "liberal agenda."

-- Former teacher Mike Farrell suggested the board return to starting its meetings at 7 p.m. so more parents and students could attend. The board agreed.

-- The board will hold a retreat with the aid of a facilitator from the NYS School Board Association. The retreat will include discussions on board practices, procedures, responsibilities, goal setting, strategic planning and team building.

The BOE will next meet Thursday, Sept. 12, in the cafeteria with a tour of the building at 6:30 p.m. and the regular meeting at 7 p.m.