Keogh is elected

LONG LAKE - Sixty voters turned out Tuesday, Aug. 6, to cast write-in ballots for a new member of the Long Lake Central School District Board of Education.

Robert Keogh easily won the vote to replace Kristen Brosnan. She resigned May 23 to move closer to her work in Niskayuna.

Keogh will fill the remainder of Brosnan's term, through June 30, 2014.

Voting was as follows: Keough, 45; Christine LaRocque, 3; Mike Farrell, 2; Colleen Smith, 1; Vickie Sandiford, 1; Julia Pierce, 1; Patrick Gibbs, 1; Dale Ison, 1; Keith Austin, 1; Tom Donnelly, 1; John Adams, 1; and Hillarie Dechene, 1. One vote was spoiled.