The Twigs need help

Dear Editor,

The Hamilton County Twigs are asking for your help. You know, all those women who wear red shirts and hold the Brooks Barbecue and annual Craft Fair.

You're probably familiar with Twigs Treasures - the little brown house that is open in the summer and fall where used furniture and attic treasures are sold.

Herein lies the problem. We need a new permanent location for our popular little store.

This endeavor is our biggest fund-raiser. We have donated thousands of dollars to the Speculator, Piseco and Wells ambulance corps. We've created a scholarship fund for local students going into a health-related profession, given to Helping Hands and the Speculator Primary Care Center.

We're working now on the future of Twigs Treasures, and hope that you feel, as we do, that it's an important part of our community. Please keep us in mind if you would like to make a monetary donation (which would be tax-exempt); contact Treasurer Susan Thielking at 548-6318 or add your name to a volunteer list for possible renovations if and when we are successful in finding a piece of property to purchase.

For more contact Lore Frisk at 548-4668 or Letty Rudes at 548-7077.

Lore Frisk for the

TWIGS Treasures House Committee