Wells / Hope / Benson Community Calendar

Mon.-Fri.: 11am, Walk To Music, Wells Community Hall.

Wednesday, Sept. 11: 12pm, Senior Citizens Group meets, Senior Meal Site, Wells; 7pm, Benson Town Board meets, Town Hall.

Thursday, Sept. 12: 9-11am, Wells Food Pantry Open, WCH; 9:30am, Osteobusters meet, WCH-924-4207; 7pm, Home Town Losers meet, Wells Meal Site.

Friday, Sept. 13: 6-8pm, Hunter Safety Course, WCH.

Saturday, Sept. 14: 9am-5pm, Hunter Safety Course, WCH.

Monday, Sept. 16: 9:30am, Osteobusters meet, WCH; 2pm, Wells Historical Society meets, Wells Meal Site; 7pm, Hope Fire Dept. Auxiliary meets, firehouse; 7pm, Wells Historical Society meets, Wells Ambulance Bldg.

Tuesday, Sept. 17: 1pm, Wells Garden Club meets--924-4281; 6pm, Game Night, Wells Library; 7pm, Wells Improvement Group meets, Ambulance Bldg.

Wednesday, Sept. 18: 7pm, Wells School Board meets, school--annual building and grounds tour.

Thursday, Sept. 19: 7pm, Wells Fish & Game Club meets, Wells United Methodist Church--924-4115.