Upscale hotel needed

Dear Cristine,

The meeting reported on in last week's Hamilton County Express, "Tourism, econ. development could be split," was long and covered a lot of ground. It was a tough one to report on, I'm sure. There were, however, two comments attributed to me that I would like to clarify.

The quote concerning the difference between economic development and tourism in an area such as ours should have read, "Economic development creates ASSETS. Tourism promotes ASSETS."

Secondly, I never mentioned either Super 8 or Best Western in describing the type of lodging properties needed in Hamilton County. Super 8 is a no frills hotel / motel chain designed to accommodate the business or transient traveler on a tight budget. Super 8 is, however, part of the Wyndham group and a number of their properties, Wyndham Grand and certain Ramada configurations, could fit the Hamilton County need.

Best Western, though more upscale than Super 8, is another chain designed for the transient or business traveler. A Best Western Premier Resort Hotel could, again, fit the need.

The point I was trying to make was we need lodging properties where the facility has sufficient amenities and ambience to make it, in and of itself, a significant factor in choosing a vacation destination. We are fortunate to have a few of these properties in Hamilton County. We need a few more in strategic locations.

If Super 8 or Best Western were mentioned in the meeting, it was not then, or for that matter, ever, mentioned by me as the type of property we need.

William H. Osborne, interim director, Ham. Co.

Planning, Tourism and Community Development