The way things were
by Anne Weaver

ABOUT THE WEEK OF SEPT. 26, 1963, thousands and thousands of motorists pulled a “sneak attack” last weekend and as a result there was standing room only at almost every restaurant in the mountains Sunday. The big influx a week or two earlier than usual was triggered by newspaper and TV reports proclaiming the early arrival of the colorful fall foliage season.

The reports were absolutely accurate. The colors were bright and plentiful throughout the entire Adirondacks. Fortunately there had been little wind and no rain to speak of and as a result thousands more were expected Saturday and Sunday to witness nature’s living color spectacular.

Many arrived Saturday afternoon last weekend but a majority of the tourists made the trip Sunday. As a result most restaurants and diners were at capacity from noon through late evening.

Many had waiting lines, but the travelers were patient and took into consideration that many eating places were operating without a full staff. Some restaurants were caught off guard and ran out of food early in the day.

Employees went for hours without rest or food themselves trying to serve the many transients. Eastman Kodak, The Enchanted Forest and other tourist attractions had combined to do a promotion on the colored foliage and this too accounted for many coming early in the fall.

The Southern Adirondack Library System announced it had received a new collection of 16 mm educational films which were available to organized groups in Saratoga, Hamilton, Warren and Washington counties. Requests for the films were made through local libraries or the bookmobile.

The films covered a wide variety of subjects ranging from animal life and space exploration to music, history and biography.

At HAMILTON COUNTY, the 1963 Cancer Drive ended Aug. 31 with Hamilton County ranking highest with 41.4 percent per capita and making 118.7 percent of a goal of $1,500.

Responses by towns and chairmen: Indian Lake, Mrs. Margaret Merwin, $500.11; Long Lake, Mrs. Margaret Danis, $445.85; Lake Pleasant, Mrs. Mary King, $282.86; Wells, Mrs. Irene Knowlton, $157; Hope, Mrs. Charles Wadsworth, $86.85; Raquette Lake, Mrs. Rowena Bird, $56.06; Benson, Mrs. Walter Theurer, $51; Arietta, Mrs. Julia Preston, $97.18; Inlet, American Legion Auxiliary, $63.25; and Morehouse, Mrs. Eleanor O’Bryan, $23.

The total amount, $1,780.16, included $147 given in memorials as follows: Long Lake $86; Indian Lake $20; Wells $10; Lake Pleasant $5; unknown sources $19. Many thanks were given to the volunteer workers who gave so generously of their time and also to the individuals and organizations that made this drive so successful. Ouida Girard was the campaign chairman.

State Comptroller Arthur Levitt announced the distribution of monies to the school districts of the state as the state’s share in the support of public schools. The Supervisory District of Hamilton County received $83,033.

At INDIAN LAKE, George S. Forslund, airman apprentice, U.S. Navy, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Forslund, Indian Lake, had completed the Aviation Machinist Mate course in Reciprocating Engines at the Naval Air Technical Training Center in Memphis, Tenn.

At INLET, Mrs. Carrie E. O’Hara, 92, a native of Inlet, died early this week in a Syracuse hospital. She and her husband, Charles A. O’Hara, owned and operated the Arrowhead Hotel, recently purchased by the Town of Inlet.

Mr. O’Hara died 12 years ago. She left two sons, Alton of Syracuse and Bernard of West Chester. The funeral was held in Syracuse with burial in Glenfield Cemetery.

Robert Phillips of the Robert Phillips Editorial, Photography and Advertising Service of Washington, D. C., had completed an assignment for Holiday travel magazine with Old Forge and the Central Adirondacks as the locale for a deer-hunting article.

The exact location for the picture story was the South Branch of the Moose River, many of the pictures taken at a typical Adirondack hunting camp. The pictures were to appear in a forthcoming issue of Holiday magazine, all reproduced in color.

The following were recent donors to Inlet American Legion Post No. 1402: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Long, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Nelson, Mrs. Walter A. Knauth, Lynn H. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tubbs, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard O’Hara, H. Earl Hadey, Mr. and Mrs. John Pellazari, Howard West, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Maxon, the Rev. Francis Edic of St. Anthony’s Church, and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Blum.

In memory of Lansing K. Tiffany: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Babcock. In memory of Moses Leonard: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Babcock. Richard J. Ralph, Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Whiteside, Mr. Edward Blumel, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Williams, Mr. Donald Smith, Mrs. Raymond Kopp, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Houck, Dr. and Mrs. Jacob Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Burth, Mr. and Mrs. Pascal Gilson and Mr. and Mrs. Chester H. Haynes.

Stephen Arthur Bice, 18, son of the Rev. and Mrs. Arthur L. Bice of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Little Falls, died last Saturday after a lengthy illness. Stephen with his parents had spent many summers in the Central Adirondacks, at St. Peter’s-by-the-Lake, Fourth Lake, while Rev. Bice served as summer minister at the chapel.

Stephen had been in ill health for the past year and had been hospitalized for several months. He was born in Troy and lived in Little Falls for the past seven years. He attended the local schools and was a member of the Altar Boys’ Guild of St. Francis.

Besides his parents he left a sister, Anne, and four brothers, Michael of Park Forest, Ill., and Peter, Christopher and Timothy at home. The funeral was held from Emmanuel Episcopal Church with Rev. Darwin Kirby Jr., rector of St. George’s Church, Schenectady, officiating. Burial was in Elkhart, Ill.

At LAKE PLEASANT, George A. Flynn, proprietor of the Liquor Store at Speculator, was elected president of the Lake Pleasant Sacandaga Association at the annual dinner meeting held at Melody Lodge, Speculator. He succeeded Judge Eldon Mills.

Mrs. Ruth Tabler was named first vice president; Frank Barrett and Willard Powell second vice presidents; Mrs. Mae Blow, treasurer; Mrs. George A. Flynn, recording secretary. At the annual meeting, attended by over 60 persons, James Pierson, Charles Simola, Ted Aber, Howard Schweicker and A.G. Elmendorf were elected directors for one year.

Directors for two years were William Dunlop, Byron Knapp, John Yawger, Richard Zimpel and Herbert Martin. Directors for three years: Judge Mills, Harry Mason, Floyd Brockman, Alex Linscott and Joseph Reisinger.

In his acceptance remarks President Flynn pledged a strong effort toward improvement of the Lake Pleasant - Sacandaga Lake resort area. Full cooperation with the work of local organizations and agencies was assured, the new executive declared.

The association is composed of both summer taxpayers and permanent residents of this Adirondack community. It is concerned with efforts to make the section highly desirable as a resort area and with maintaining the natural beauty of the locale.