Dyanne Crotty awarded

INDIAN LAKE - The commissioner of the NYS Office of Children and Family Services, Kristin Proud, has awarded the Hamilton County Child Support Unit the 2012 Best Overall Performance Award.

In addition, Proud is also recognizing the unit, staffed solely by Dyanne Crotty of Indian Lake, as being the "Most Improved" and as having the "Best Current Collections on Child Support Percentage" for a small size district.

"This award recognizes the Hamilton County child support program for exemplary performance in support establishment, paternity establishment, current collections and collections on arrears," Proud said in a letter announcing the award.

"Dyanne works very hard in pursuing all cases regardless of the monetary value, as every little bit helps in supporting the children of this county," said Hamilton County Department of Social Services Commissioner Roberta Bly.

"All the staff within the Hamilton County DSS work diligently to serve Hamilton County residents. It is with great pride that I acknowledge their achievements. Congratulations, Dyanne.”