Two two-lot subdivisions okay in IL


Express News Staff

INDIAN LAKE - The Indian Lake Planning Board meeting of Wednesday, Oct. 2, was notable for two things.

First, after having a full plate in September the October meeting was short on things to do.

Second, the board signed off on two projects currently under review by the Adirondack Park Agency, the regional zoning authority.

It is standard procedure for the APA to consult with town planning boards and ask for input on projects before it when the town has an APA-approved land use plan. These requests come when the APA is reviewing Class A Regional Projects, which it handles.

The reason for these consultations is some requirements in local plans are more stringent than APA requirements, and the APA wants to make certain it is not approving a project that doesn't meet the standards set in a local land use plan.

One of the projects is a two-lot subdivision of land owned by Evangelism Baptist Church, on the northern end of Adirondack Lake. The other is a two-lot subdivision of land owned by Michael Black, on the south side of Rt. 28/30 across the road from Pumpkin Mt. Gun Shop.

The planning board has reviewed both subdivisions in the past and agreed there is nothing new in either permit application. This will likely result in the APA approving both.

The only other item before the board was a conditional use application submitted by John Starling for his Blueline Inc. business located in a garage behind Community Bank. Starling is thinking of using the garage as a commercial NYS Inspection Station.

Since Starling was not present to answer questions the board tabled the matter.

The Planning Board will next meet Wednesday, Nov. 6, starting at 7 p.m. in Town Hall.