Chimneys will be cleaned Saturday

To the editor,

Piseco Volunteer Fire Department will be doing courtesy checks and cleaning chimneys for Town of Arietta property owners again this year. The service will be provided Saturday, Oct. 12.

Any Piseco resident wanting this service should call Tom at 548-7327. Leave your name, 911 address, best phone number to reach you to schedule and your availability in Piseco Saturday. In order to accomplish a complete job, we normally need access to your residence. Please call right away; this is the only day we will be providing this service.

Most of the chimneys we have been checking lately are in good shape. It's the ones we're not seeing that we worry about. Chimneys are among the most common sources of structure fires in the North Country. If a wood-burning fireplace or stove is used frequently, it is very important to routinely have it inspected - by us or someone else.

While we're on the subject of fire prevention, working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home are lifesavers. They significantly increase your chances of escaping in the event of fire or an equipment failure.

These should be checked and batteries changed at least every six months. The beginning of the heating season is a great time to do that.

We would also like to once again thank those of you who donated bottles and cans for our bottle drive this summer. It was very successful. Columbus Day weekend marks the end of this fund-raiser for us until next summer.

Jonathan Lane, president

Piseco Volunteer Fire Department