Long Lake students top state averages


Express News Staff

LONG LAKE - Long Lake Central School students did well on the new grades 3-8 English Language Arts and mathematics assessments as compared to statewide results.

School Superintendent Mary Dickerson explained the 2012/13 test results to the Board of Education Thursday, Oct. 10.

The results were not encouraging if viewed in a vacuum. Viewed in the light of what NYS Education Department Commissioner John B. King Jr. has said about them and in the light of the test scores of other schools, they are quite good.

King predicted the percentage of students deemed proficient would be significantly lower than in the 2011/12 school year because of a "shift in the assessments to measure the Common Core Standards, which more accurately reflect students' progress toward college and career readiness."

Test results presented by Dickerson show students meeting or exceeding Common Core proficiency standards at 33.3 percent for Grade 5 ELA tests and Grade 5 Math tests, 66.7 percent for Grade 6 ELA tests, 50 percent for Grade 6 Math tests, 60 percent for Grade 7 ELA tests and 20 percent for Grade 7 Math tests.

No test results are available for the Grade 8 ELA or math tests because these figures are not available to the public when fewer than five students in a district take them.

Statewide, 31.1 percent of grade 3-8 students met or exceeded the ELA proficiency standard and 31 percent met or exceeded the math proficiency standard.

Dickerson said test scores would improve as teachers and students become more familiar with Common Core standards and testing.


-- Craig Seaman was appointed as boys' varsity basketball coach and Andrew Snide as boys' modified basketball coach.

-- Patricia Anrig and Katelynn Beaudette were approved as substitute teachers and substitute help in other areas (kitchen), and Richard Dechene as a substitute bus driver.

-- Seaman suggested the board consider adopting a code of conduct for athletes, modeled on the code of conduct each athlete at Indian Lake Central School is required to sign. The board agreed to look at it.

The LLCS BOE is scheduled to next meet Thursday Nov. 14, starting at 7 p.m. in the cafeteria.