Four seek two seats on Long Lake Town Council



LONG LAKE - There will be General Election races here for councilperson and town clerk.

Thomas L. Donnelly, a non-affiliated voter who will run on the Pine Tree Party line, and John W. Adams are challenging incumbent councilmen Lew A. Plumley and Dean H. Pohl; the last three are Republicans. Two councilmen will be elected.

Town Clerk / Tax Collector Dixie Lee LeBlanc is being challenged by Colleen E. Smith. Both are Republicans, but LeBlanc won the Republican line in the Primary Election. Smith will be on the Black Bear Party line. Neither returned an election questionnaire.

Superintendent of Highways Charles H. Farr II, a Democrat, is running unchallenged for re-election.


ADAMS, 49, owns Adams Plumbing & Heating.

He volunteered with Long Lake Rescue Squad 1998-99. He attended "seven or eight" town board meetings during the past year and is "very familiar" with its policies.

Adams wants to be a councilman because, "I've been asked by a fair number of residents to run" and "I have good skills at operating a business."

As qualifications he cites "knowledge of operating a business for 32 years, honest and trustworthy."

If elected, Adams says, "I would like to see the Highway and Water departments merged into a Department of Public Works. I believe this would alleviate the lack of work force in both departments as well as combine the budget for both.

"I'd like to see the town council start planning and budgeting for future projects; for example, replacing the aged water mains."

Adams says the winter economy and the municipal water system are the top two local issues. "The winter economy is a major issue. I think we all need to get together and come up with ideas on how to better improve [it].

"Also, for the past several years, the municipal water has been an issue. I think better planning [is needed]."

Adams is married to wife Ramona, a stay-at-home mom. They have four children.

DONNELLY, 56, is a logging contractor / business owner. He is a member of the board of Northeastern Loggers Association Inc. and a member of Tupper Lake Woodsman Associates.

He has attended "several" town board meetings during the past year and says he is "generally familiar" with its policies.

He is seeking election "to be more involved with town decisions."

As qualifications Donnelly cites a "long history of business ownership and rehabilitating closed businesses in Long Lake."

If elected he would like to see "a more business-friendly attitude in the town to encourage more year-round activity."

The top two local issues, Donnelly says, are, "The lack of activity in the non-summer seasons that results in the seasonal closure of businesses that potentially could be year-round; and steadily escalating local taxes (town, county, school) that erode the ability for businesses to reinvest in themselves."

Donnelly has been married to wife Michelle since 2006. She is also a business owner. They have three children, all graduates of Long Lake Central School "with successful careers."

PLUMLEY, 78, has been a councilman since Jan. 1, 1989. He is a retired New York State Police trooper who is currently self-employed.

Plumley is involved with retired policemen's organizations and has been a member of Long Lake Lions Club for the past 26 years.

He attended all meetings of the town board during the past year.

Accomplishments in office, together with the other town board members, include the new medical center, upgrading the water system, establishing an on-land skating rink, complete renovation of the kitchen in the town hall and establishing Long Lake Library.

If re-elected, he says he would continue "working towards upgrading the infrastructure, taking a common sense approach to the cost of doing town business and being an advocate for the residents of Long Lake."

Plumley has been married since 1957 to wife Jeanne, a retired registered nurse. She is currently the town historian. They have four adult children.

POHL, 70, of Raquette Lake, is a high school graduate with four years of college. He is self-employed with Raquette Lake Navigation Co. and has been a councilman for eight years.

He has served as a member of the Raquette Lake Union Free School Board of Education and as a fire commissioner for Raquette Lake Fire District.

Pohl has over four decades of self-employment.

He wants "to continue working to promote the concept of a partnership between local businesses and the town, to better promote business and tourism."

"The characteristics of entrepreneurial spirit, problem solving, independent thinking and thinking outside the box have served me well," he says.

Regarding local issues, Pohl says, "The Adirondack Park Agency needs to be addressed in a straightforward manner by local governments and individuals to rein them in and bring them under control.

"The APA should stick to the original APA law and not govern by conditions and rule changes. I feel we have more than enough regulatory control by the APA and state departments of environmental conservation and health. We do not need any expansion in any of those areas."

Pohl has been married to his wife, Donna, since 1971. She is self-employed. They have four adult children.