School asbestos work begins


Express News Staff

INDIAN LAKE - Work to remove asbestos at Indian Lake Central School should be completed within two weeks.

Asbestos is being removed from the records room and the storage room under the science room.

When the Board of Education learned Tuesday, Oct. 16, that the work could cost half what it had been expecting it discussed the possibility of going ahead with asbestos removal in two areas in crawl spaces under the gym.

The work was estimated at $75,000 and the BOE budgeted $100,000. Last month the BOE decided it doesn’t have the money - perhaps an additional $100,000 - to do the two areas under the gym.

Superintendent Mark Brand will check with the contractor on what the cost would be if the work were done now rather than later.

BOCES bus driver John Kelly is resigning effective Dec. 14. Bus aide Janet Clawson is resigning effective Jan. 1.

Andrew Snide was approved as a substitute teacher. Robert Sklenarik was approved as a substitute bus driver.

The board approved Liddy Johnson as a full-time teacher aide and Jesse Bruso as a part-time teacher aide.

Gina Mitchell will be the girls’ modified basketball coach, pending certification.

A student bus transportation cooperative agreement among schools in the region was approved. It allows students of one school to be transported by another school where appropriate and money can be saved.

Doris and Lauren Gomez will be getting a school tax refund of $99.90.

The board approved a contract with the Indian Lake Faculty Association.

Jim Pine is the newsletter editor. Jane Hinckley was approved as co-chairman of the Student Council.

Music teacher Jason Dora brought up the proposed wall mural the BOE turned down last winter due to concerns it would be damaged during the building project that now is nearing completion.

The Arts-In-Education project would involve students working with Saratoga Springs artist Susan Shanley to create a ‘natural world’ mural on a corridor wall.

Dora had estimated it would cost about $2,405. Now, he says, the AIE budget would pay for the project.

He expects he could arrange with Shanley to work with the students during a week in March or April.

The board asked Dora to submit a final proposal that includes firm dates and cost.

The ILCS BOE will next meet Tuesday, Nov. 20, starting at 7 p.m. in the cafeteria.