Elected officials to forego raises in LP


Express News Staff

LAKE PLEASANT - Town of Lake Pleasant Supervisor Neil McGovern continues to aim for a zero percent increase in the 2014 budget, and to that end suggested there be no increase in pay for him and the four councilpersons.

The town board has agreed, and also agreed to his suggestion to limit pay increases for all other elected officials (clerk, highway superintendent, town justices) to 1.75 percent.

When the board met Oct. 21 resident Robert "Shorty" Hoffman brought up the issue of using fund balances to achieve a flat or near flat budget, warning it could have disastrous affects on future budgets.

McGovern agreed and promised, "We won't delete the fund balances to have a flat budget."

The board started fine-tuning the 2014 preliminary budget during the meeting. Further revisions will be completed and be available for the public hearing on the budget Monday, Nov. 4.

Preliminary budget appropriations were cut by $7,450 from the tentative budget, to $2,513,641. This year's appropriations were $2,469,683, so the board still has to make $43,958 in cuts to reach a zero increase in appropriations.

Estimated revenues of $352,836 are up $14,691 over this year. Fund balance applied to reduce taxes is slated to go from $142,000 this year to $150,000 next year.

The bottom line? Starting with the $2,513,641 in appropriations, subtracting the $352,836 in estimated revenues leaves $2,160,805. Subtracting the $150,000 in fund balance leaves $2,010,805 to be raised by taxes.

This year's tax levy was $1,989,538, so as of Oct. 21 the preliminary budget showed an increase in the tax levy of $21,267 or 1 percent overall.

This is the overall budget; various funds show various tax levy increases and decreases. For instance, General Fund Part A (the entire town) shows a 4.8 percent increase.

General Fund Part B (town outside the Village of Speculator) shows a 3.6 percent decrease; Highway Fund A shows a 12.86 percent increase, Highway Fund B shows an 11.13 percent decrease; the Library Fund shows a 0.35 percent decrease; the Garbage Fund shows a 43.91 percent decrease and the Fire Protection Fund shows no change in its tax levy.

'ROUTE 66'

McGovern reported John VanBuiten of South Shore Road has offered to donate his collection of small buildings, best known as "Route 66," to the Village of Speculator; they would be relocated to the vicinity of Sacandaga Pathway.

See VanBuiten's Route 66 collection online at 52flea.blogspot.com/2009/07/route-66.html


The town hall and highway garage will have a new roof before the end of November. The town board has awarded the contract to D&J Construction, St. Johnsville, which bid $37,000, the lowest of four bids received.

D&J was also the low bidder for the pole barn storage shed it built for the town last year.

The town board will next meet Monday, Nov. 4, starting at 7 p.m. in Town Hall, with the public hearing on the budget scheduled for 7:45 p.m.