The matter is closed

Dear Ms. Meixner,

I am writing on behalf of the Wells Central School District to clarify the situation that occurred regarding school district land and its resources.

Approximately 18 months ago, it came to our attention that persons who own land adjacent to the school district property on Route 30, forested trees and removed gravel from school district property, without the school district's permission.

The District investigated both situations and received an estimate of the value of both the trees and gravel taken from District property of over $30,000. The District sought reimbursement for the value of the missing trees and gravel.

Due to the statute of limitations, the District settled for a payment of $4,000, in exchange for a release to the neighbors. In an effort to prevent this from occurring again, the District hired a surveyor to mark the entire perimeter of the District's property. The matter was handled professionally and expeditiously and is now closed.

Cathie Rust, president

Wells Central School District Board of Education