Utowana subdivision planned


Staff Reporter

INDIAN LAKE—First conceived in 2004 by Dean and Donna Pohl, a five-lot subdivision on the northwest shore of Utowana Lake is scheduled for a public hearing when the Indian Lake Planning Board next meets Wednesday, Dec. 1.

The Pohls presented a completed application for the subdivision to the Planning Board when it met Wednesday, Nov. 3. They also have a completed application before the APA.

This is a Class A major subdivision on Resource Management land, where Adirondack Park Agency (APA) zoning requires building lots be a minimum of 42.7 acres. Four lots are to be carved from a large lot owned by the Pohls, who are doing business as Marion River Carry Railroad Company.

The four lots range in size from 5 to 8.6 acres and are to be part of what is known as a cluster development. This allows them to be smaller than the 42.7-acre minimum by removing from all future development about 143 acres from the adjoining acreage.

As explained by Dean Pohl at the meeting, the four lots he plans to subdivide will have access from State Route 28 over a bridge crossing the Marion River and from an access road used for mining sand and gravel and logging.

Pohl said he has a 30-year mining permit on 11 acres from both the APA and the state Department of Environmental Conservation issued in 2001.

The main concern expressed by the board is the condition of the access road. The board asked Pohl to provide engineering reports on the bridge and access road, and allow an inspection of them by the Blue Mountain Lake fire and ambulance departments to determine if fire equipment and ambulances can safely reach the proposed lots.

The board approved a two-lot subdivision request from Connie Hutchins for adjoining lots she owns between Rt. 30 and Lake Shore Drive in Sabael.

No new restrictions were placed on the two undersized, grandfathered lots, but it was stipulated the new deeds must continue current rights-of-way to a water pump station on them.