Wells is under cap on tax levy



WELLS -- The Wells Town Board has adopted a budget for 2014 that comes in a few thousand dollars below the tax cap.

No one questioned nor commented on the Town of Wells Preliminary Budget for 2014 during the public hearing on it Oct. 28.

A summary of funds estimates the following expenditures in 2013: General, $931,300; Highway, $532,450; Fire District, $98,000; and Water $177,250 for a total of $1,739,000.

Revenues the town estimates it will receive in 2014 total $383,515, down $50,135 or 11.6 percent. Fund balance of $112,000 will be used to reduce taxes, leaving a tax levy of $1,243,485, a 3.3 percent increase overall.

The state-mandated tax cap applies only to the General, Highway and Water District funds. The Fire District fund is excluded.

Under the cap the town is allowed a tax levy of $1,169,800 for the three funds for 2014. It came in at $1,166,485, $3,315 under the limit.

The Wells Town Board adopted the budget Nov. 11. Town budgets must be adopted by Nov. 20.


The board met with laborer David Brenan in open session Oct. 28 at his request. In addition to the $2 per hour raise the board offered upon Brenan's successful completion of training to become an EMT, use of a town vehicle to travel to and from classes and coverage of other expenses associated with this training, Brenan asked the board to consider giving him compensation time for hours he spends in class.

Supervisor Brian Towers said test results the town has received indicate Brenan will need to complete the entire 290 hours of training before he can be recertified as an EMT.

The board considered Brenan's request and has agreed to give him four hours of compensation time a week for the duration of the training. However, it may not be "banked;" it is to be used the day of each class to study and/or rest.

Also, "... the employee shall not expect, nor will he be paid, overtime to complete his regular duties that would be accomplished during normal work hours after returning from a call," the enabling resolution says.


-- The board has authorized a three-year contract with BioConservation Inc., Gansevoort, for black fly control at $15,300 a year.

-- The board passed a resolution honoring Joe Wilson for his 32 years of service to the town, saying it "holds him in the highest respect." Wilson was the water district operator before retiring Aug. 28.

The Wells Town Board will next meet Monday, Dec. 9, starting at 7 p.m. at the Senior Meal Site.

Note: This article is partially based on minutes of the Wells Town Board meeting of Oct. 28, 2013, as provided by Town Clerk Mari Wilson.