More on Long Lake tower

Dear Editor,

More information on the tower located on Mt. Sabattis in Long Lake.

The tower was erected in 1980. The tower is not on my property; it is on my neighbor's property.

The existing electric cable going to the tower (run atop of the ground for 600 feet from the access road) was installed sometime in the 1990s', replacing the old Romex/UF cable mix, which ran within the access road, atop and buried in the ground, which was no longer operable for various reasons.

I have asked the town, since I bought my property, to move the existing cable, that lies atop the surface of the earth, to move the cable back to the access road, put it in conduit where it crosses my property and bury it (as per National Electrical Code requirements).

I have never asked the town for any compensation until November 2013. As a matter of fact, my past requests all guaranteed deeded right-of-way for the tower, snowmobile trail and the utility easement for the tower, free of charge.

However, the town never acted and I was forced to hire an attorney, hence my asking for compensation.

John Adams

Long Lake