Get past the emotion

Dear Editor,

Everyone is thinking about the proposed merger of the Northville and Mayfield central schools. I started considering this from an emotional standpoint. As a proud graduate of NCS, I wanted my children to graduate on the same front lawn.

I love that when I am in the school, I know everyone. I wanted to ignore the idea of a merger because I didn't want anything to change.

However, I decided this decision is too important to be made just from emotion. I got involved to get the facts before I made a decision.

I already volunteer in my son's classrooms and with the PTO, but decided to learn more, so I attended board of education meetings and a number of budget meetings. I also attended all the merger meetings. These experiences were eye opening for me.

It is difficult to see what is on the chopping block every year knowing this will continue unless something changes. I can't imagine a school without arts, music, sports, and extra opportunities. These activities make our children well-rounded students who will be competitive in college or career after high school.

Pre-K and Kindergarten could be lost as they are not mandated programs. I can't begin to imagine how students could be ready for first grade without the foundation of Pre-K and Kindergarten.

This is a very real future for our students if we don't act before it's too late.

Although it would be great to know every detail in advance, I began to think about change and how it can be a wonderful thing. I believe this is an opportunity to come together with a similar neighboring community and work together for a better future for our children.

After all, isn't that what this is all about -- our children are our future. This will give us a chance to sustain existing programs and renew some that have been lost.

I believe everyone involved in creating a unified district will put the interest of all students first. I am excited to see the opportunities for our students in a merged district.

Jennifer Akey