Post 1392 is in trouble

Dear Editor,

Indian Lake American Legion Post 1392 is reaching a critical period in its long history. Participation by existing membership, which is currently 95 on the roster, is very poor.

About a dozen members are active at maximum effort, and with normal routine activity only six to eight are steady participants. These few are carrying the load for the other 80 or so members.

Most of the handful of "regulars" mentioned above are well advanced in age; how long they can carry on is a moot question.

If the Post were forced to give up its charter and close think of the consequences! No more scholarships for local high chool seniors, no contributions to the band concerts in Byron Park, no support for the Cub Scout pack, no sponsorship of the Boy's State program, no more free medical appliances and aids... the list goes on and on.

In addition, the Post hall will be no more, which in so many ways would affect the community. The Hall has always been available to those who needed a place for meetings or for large social gatherings.

Therefore, this appeal is for everyone to give this matter your most serious consideration. Do you want another organization in Indian Lake to fold?

We ask members and veterans to step up. Don't let all the years of work done by Post 1392 go for naught. We ask present members to come to a meeting at least a few times during the year. We ask veterans who are not legionnaires to join the Post, we welcome you. Let's not let this Post be a casualty of indifference.

Meetings are in the Legion Hall on Main Street every first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m.

Ken Cannan, commander

American Legion Post 1392