Old ways were better

Dear Cris,

I remember when a venison roast in the oven, fish frying, Grandfather trapping beaver and camping in West Canada country was recreation and free for folks that didn't have much money. Relatives had line camps for trapping and shelter year-round in big range country by the Siamese Ponds.

DEC rangers could fine me up to $2,500 for storing equipment, boats and shelter on state land. They said modern ways are better and only one permit a year for trappers and hunters. I disagree.

Why are those nice ladies dressed in white drawing the curtains? I wanted to watch the sun come up over Speculator Mountain.

I don't care; I'm real tired. I'm going to rest and sleep and go back to Otter Lake and camp and fish when a permit wasn't required, back when the woods were free for everyone.

I don't think lawyers, the district attorney or judge understand; they said something about plead guilty and plea bargain and they would send the bill later.

Wilderness forever? I don't think so.

Lewis Page