Village Rentals trail done after all



SPECULATOR -- Town of Lake Pleasant Superintendent of Highways Leo Desrochers took the initiative Thursday, Dec. 12, and had his crew cut the northern section of a new snowmobile trail that will allow 'bilers to travel from the ball field to village center this winter without using the sidewalk along State Route 30.

Desrochers crew made short work of cutting trees and brush from Marion Drive to Village Rentals & Sales, along with two short spurs to other businesses; and Superintendent of Highways-elect Randy LaVarnway volunteered his time after work to operate a small excavator borrowed from Village Rentals to grub out roots and rocks.

The trail goes over Rick Swift's property, which is the ad hoc Snowmobile Trail Committee's preferred location. The committee was formed to get snowmobiles off the village's sidewalks.

As recently as the previous Saturday it had not been thought the new section could be done before snowmobiling season arrived and temporary fixes were being discussed, but as of Thursday evening all that remained to do was install a small culvert, put up signs and wait for sufficient snow.

"We got it moved away from the houses," Desrochers said, referring to a proposed temporary trail. "Randy and I went down and walked it and found out it would not be that difficult to put a trail down through there."

Desrochers noted both sections are slightly winding to keep snowmobilers' speeds down.

In a related matter, Mayor Letty Rudes has announced she intends to keep the so-called sidewalk trail open this winter to allow snowmobilers time to adjust to using the new trail.