Secret donor sends art to schools


Express News Staff

LONG LAKE - An anonymous donor gave over $3,000 to Long Lake Central School for Associated Solo Artists Inc. to perform and hold workshops Nov. 6 and 7 for students at Long Lake, Indian Lake and Newcomb central schools.

Elementary students participated in Music for the Imagination and Broadway and Carnegie Hall performances at Indian Lake Theater. Interactive workshops introduced them to the influences of American musical culture, providing a better understanding of the African-American slave experiences.

Long Lake high school students went to Newcomb to participate in the Freedom and Imagination in the Jazz Age performance and attended workshops on Vocal Arts, Creative Leaps: Thinking Across Boundaries and Meet the Artist - Informances.

This anonymous donor has been providing funding to the 60 schools in the Adirondacks for Arts-in-Education enhancement. For more information on Associated Artists Inc. go to