Groomer gets stuck in Mossy Vly


Express News Staff

LAKE PLEASANT -- The Town of Lake Pleasant's Bombardier BR-110 snowmobile trail groomer became stuck in muck on the Mossy Vly trail after it broke through snow and a coating of ice Monday, Dec. 16.

Superintendent of Highways Leo Desrochers reported the incident to the Lake Pleasant Town Board that evening, saying the groomer made it about 50 feet past the bridge before the ice broke. "The good news," said Desrochers, "is no one was hurt. The bad news is we don't know how we are going to get it out."

The problem is the location. Desrochers said there is no easy access to the site, and it will be difficult to get equipment in that is big enough and strong enough to pull the seriously stuck groomer out.


Two bids from vendors interested in selling the town a 2013 Chevrolet Silverado heavy duty, four-wheel drive pickup truck were opened.

One is from Carbone Chevrolet, Yorkville, which bid $30,965 for a 2014 Silverado. The other is from Mangino Chevrolet, Amsterdam, which bid $30,646.50 for a 2013 Silverado.

The bids were referred to committee to determine if they equal or exceed the advertised specifications.

The board also wants to know if '2014' is a typo in the Carbone bid. The town advertised for bids for a 2013 closeout model.


The board accepted the low bid of $4,100 for a Fisher snowplow from T&T Body King Inc., Queensbury, and rejected the high bid of $4,460 for the same item from Arrowhead Equipment, Queensbury.

In other business, McGovern reported that Ronile Lawrence and Charlie Orr have both offered to serve on the Lake Pleasant Zoning Board of Appeals.

The next regular meeting of the Town Board will be Jan. 6 and will include the annual organizational meeting, starting at 7 p.m. in Town Hall.