Adventures are planned

Dear Cristine,

I wish to thank all the friends and members of the Historical Society of Lake Pleasant & Speculator for all their hard and dedicated work in making the year 2013 very successful. We are blessed to have many talented and dedicated folks in our local communities.

I'm excited to see people of all generations who are curious and willing to learn about our rich and unique history; from meeting people of the past in the cemetery to an Apple Fest, from learning and visiting historical locations to learning about Native Americans, it's just one adventure to another.

I encourage everyone in our local communities to become members of the H.S.L.S. and help us preserve the past in the present for the future. I'm looking forward to 2014 and the many adventures that are planned for our friends and neighbors, not to mention the new historical markers that will be place in five historical locations. Keep your eyes open as you travel on the back and main roads. You never know when you will pass one of these markers.

It is an honor to serve the people of Lake Pleasant and Speculator and I hope 2014 will be just as exciting if not more so.

Aaron Weaver, president

Historical Society of Lake Pleasant & Speculator

Lake Pleasant