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Swim race winners announced

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - Updated: 8:58 AM

WELLS - Sixty-six people took part in the Old Home Days Swim Races here Aug. 3. Race Organizer Lori Collado has announced the results as follows.


Ages 4 & Under: first, Lily Biron and Giada Harnington; second, Landon Fraiser and Lilianna Wright.

Age 5: first, Isabelle Powers; second, Bridget Allen; third, Ava Dwyer.

Age 6: first, William Palmer; second, Katrina Koniszewski and Bradyn Persch; third, Hally Welch and Preston Simons.

Ages 7-8: Heat 1 - first, Joseph Palmer; second, Campbell Gibson; third, Sabastian Powers. Heat 2 - first, Bradley Koniszewski; second, Chance Asbornsen and Stanley Koniszewski; third, Pierce O’Rourke.

Age 9: first, Byron Stuart; second, Sebastian Beach, Kiera O’Rourke, Kortney Kroll.

Age 10:  first, Lilah Asbornsen; second, Tyler Stuart and Alice Cole; third, Liam Stuart and Brianna Humphrey.

Age 11: first, Jordyn Stoutner and Kendle Smith; second, Mia Gibson and Coby Stuart; third, Tyler Kemmit.

Age 12: first, Emma Stuart; second, Brandi Humphrey and Sheyenne Beach; third, Brittany Kroll and Linsday Grispin.

Ages 13-16: first, Cameran Smith; second, Nick Ferrara and Stephen Beach; third, Michelle Drevsky.

Ages 16 & Up: first, Peter Weber; second, Hayley Ferrara; third, Bill Stuart.


Ages 4 & Under: first, Giada Harnington; second, Lilianna Wright; third, Lily Biron and Landon Fraiser.

Age 5: first, Bridget Allen; second, Ava Dwyer and Isabelle Powers.

Age 6: first, William Palmer; second, Katrian Koniszewski and Preston Simons; third, Brayden Persch and Hally Welch.

Ages 7-8: Heat 1 - first, Joseph Palmer and Campbell Gibson; second, Matthew K. and Sabastian Powers. Heat 2 - first, Chance Asbornsen and Pierce O’Rourke; second, Stanley Koniszewski; third, Bradley Koniszewski.

Age 9: first, Sabastian Beach; second, Kiera O’Rourke; third, Byron Stuart and Kortney Kroll.

Age 10: first, Lilah Asbornsen and Liam Stuart; second, Alice Cole and Brianna Humphrey; third, Tyler Stuart.

Age 11: first, Coby Stuart; second, Jordyn Stoutner and Mia Gibson; third, Kendle Smith and Tyler Kemmit.

Age 12: first, Brittany Kroll; second, Emma Stuart and Sheyenne Beach; third, Brandi Humphrey and Linsday Grispin.

Ages 13-16: first, John ?; second, Cameran Smith and Stephen Beach; third, Michelle Drevsky and Nick Ferrara.

Ages 16 & Up: first, Peter Weber; second, Jacob Barr; third, Haley Ferrara.


Ages 5 & Under: first, Lilianna Wright; second, Giada Harnington; third, Bridget Allen.

Ages 6-7: first, Jacob Harnington; second, Sophia; third, Brayden Persch.

Ages 8-9: first, Sabastian Powers; second, Joseph Palmer; third, Pierce O’Rourke.

Ages 10-11: first, Liam Stuart; second, Alice Cole; third, Tyler Kemmit.

Ages 12 & Up: first, Jack Weber; second, Peter Weber; third, Stephen Beach.


Ages 8-9: first, Sebastian Beach; second, Chance Asbornsen; third, Sebastian Powers.

Ages 10-11: first, Lilah Asbornsen; second, Liam Stuart; third, Kendal Smith.

Ages 12 & Up: first, Sheyenne Beach; second, Peter Weber; third, Kristen Stuart.


Ages 6-7: first, Justin Kemmit; second, Bradyn Persch; third, Jacob Harnington.

Ages 8-9: first, Bryon Stuart; second, Kiera O’Rourke; third, Campbell Gibson.

Ages 10-11: first, Jordyn Stoutner; second, Mia Gibson; third, Tyler Stuart.

Ages 12 & Up: first, #65; second, Bill Stuart; third, 66.

Race Organizer Lori Collado said, “Thank you to our lifeguards, Paris Beach, Tammy Allen and Adrian Collado, and to all our judges and helpers.”


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