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Follow the money

Friday, March 22, 2013 - Updated: 8:55 PM

Dear Editor,

Dr. Patrick Michel's letter to the editor of March 20, 2013, extols the virtues of adapting a new curriculum with promises of student success, called Common Core.

There is absolutely no proof that Common Core will in any way prepare students for the future. It is a program that came about through the First Stimulus and, like Obama Care, was written by the Tides Foundation, a George Soros funded organization. It has the endorsement of the famous American Terrorist, Bill Ayers.

The program allows the federal government to violate student's privacy rights by gathering data on them from pre-school to age 20. This data includes their name, address, nickname, parent's political party, religion, extra-curricular activities, disciplinary actions and even their bus stop times.

Once the program takes hold, there is no opting out. It applies to private as well as home-schooled children. School boards will no longer have any say in the curriculum or be able to approve textbooks.

It is a student-centered learning program that allows them the value of comic strip commentary on days' events, rather than exposing them to the classics. American history will be re-written to embrace a far- left indoctrination of America, past, present and future.

This program was adopted in Texas, without approval of the state Legislature, and parents and teachers refused to accept or teach it. It was repealed, but replaced by the state Education Department with CSCOPE -- just another name for Common Core.

Forty-nine states are at present resisting its implementation. How is it gaining such impetus? The answer is always the same: 'Follow the money.'

Janet C. Fabiano

Lake Pleasant


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