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Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Speculator, NY ,

EnCon shoots moose

Thursday, May 30, 2013 - Updated: 9:18 AM

Dear Cris,

EnCon shot hundreds of deer in the 1960s to analyze them, then left them to rot. The deer herd has not recovered yet from the doe season then.

EnCon shot a bull moose near Lake Placid that was acting strange last fall to analyze it during the rut. Nothing was found wrong. It was disturbing traffic.

Moose will become agitated, shake their head and pretend a charge at cars and then trot across the roads where they are hit. They have been known to charge trains in Alaska and Canada. They do not like cars, trains or snowmobiles.

Another reason for no snowmachines in Wilderness areas; moose have marked 10 or 15 trees around my tent site at different times. I have found a lot of manure there. Bull moose become very agitated even over tent sites.

They have waited until I left, then come in and marked trees. They are saying this is their territory. A bear will do the same thing.

I hope EnCon doesn't kill any more moose to analyze them. In my opinion EnCon should have tranquilized it and taken it to a wildlife rescue to analyze it for a couple of years.

EnCon and the Adirondack Park Agency approved a new snowmachine trail by the Moose River Plains, 12 feet wide, and cut 2,200 trees to do it. More trails are planned.

I have two snowmobiles and ride every chance I get. In my opinion keep new trails by roads or rail trails where they won't do any harm, especially to animals.

Halsey Page, a forest ranger and relative, told me they make mistakes in Albany because this is different country here. French Louie said sports come up here and shoot deer and leave them to rot. I'm worried people will shoot moose for nothing.

What would you think if you took your dog or cat to the vet and he said let's shoot it to analyze it?

Thank God for animal rights groups, Protect the Adirondacks, Sierra Club, newspapers and lawyers who stand up to EnCon and the APA. Wild forest and wilderness forever,

Lewis N. Page Sr.



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