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Tuesday, July 26, 2016
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Asking for support

Sunday, July 06, 2014 - Updated: 4:39 PM

Dear Editor:

We would like to ask the voters of Long Lake and Raquette Lake to take a minute to speak to town employees regarding wages and benefits. A group of us attended the Town Board meeting June 25 where we presented our concerns over wages and benefits and requested to meet with the supervisor and board in July to discuss our issues.

The full-time employees of the town are going on five years now without any cost of living increase in their wages. Those without benefits have had increases in their hourly rates that were not given full-time staff.

 The current policy on wages rewards part-time or new employees instead of those with the most responsibility or years of service to the community members of Long Lake and Raquette Lake.

In a recent conversation I had with the town supervisor, Mr. Seaman stated it would take community support and pressure to sway the board to make a change.

No one wants taxes to go up, including us, but when your roads are plowed and safe to drive, or your garbage is sorted and recycled, or the water guys are up all night fixing a leak, or the medical staff gets you or a family member in to treat an illness, or continued events are successfully brought to the town, please remember the employees of the town are the ones providing these services.

We have all dedicated our time, knowledge and skills to provide you with these services and are only asking for fair and equitable wages and benefits.

We need you to voice your support and appreciation for the workers of the town and encourage the board members to listen to our concerns with an open mind and work with us to resolve these issues.

We represent a group of concerned Town of Long Lake employees. Thank you in advance.

Michelle Hamdan, Pat Gibbs and Joe Tokarz

Long Lake


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