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Friday, August 26, 2016
Speculator, NY ,

Are you happy now?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - Updated: 1:52 PM

Dear Editor,

For all the naive suckers who made Barack Hussein Obama president, I have some questions starting with: are you happy now? If you dare answer -- not for me but for yourself, your children and grandchildren -- then please continue.

Do you see now what you voted into the White House? A rookie, an over-confident, not-nearly-so-smart, empty suit community organizer who is looking more and more narcissistic and dissociative by the day, a Mr. Cool, perfect leader of the "whatever" ilk.

Exactly where has all that hope and change, peace and understanding gotten us? The Middle East, where American heads are literally rolling, is worse than it's ever been; Vladimir Putin is the most belligerent Russian power broker in 50 years, and Mexico continues to flip us off and hold an American Marine on bogus charges.

How's that affordable health care working out? You are getting to keep your doctor and health plan, right? No? I'm shocked!

Then, do you have at least $3,000 to $5,000 saved, because that's likely to be your new deductible if you get sick or injured, and that's assuming you find a doctor who is willing to take Obamacare customers. Oh, they didn't explain there's a big difference in getting healthcare "coverage" and actually getting health care? Oops.

Next, how much are you paying for gasoline these days? When your magical water-walker took office gas was $1.84 a gallon.

By the way, you have heard median income for American families has steadily dropped under President Rockstar, haven't you? Check the sad numbers.

Lastly, wasn't it proclaimed that with the election of the magnificent Mr. Obama racial differences and chasms would be bridged? That there would be no more anger, hate and cries of injustice on the streets of the USA? That his wisdom, insight and mere presence would calm and sooth away all those problems?

I could certainly go on, but what's done is done, right? Besides, Barack voters aren't known for rational thinking. Oh, I know, I know -- life to you is not about facts, it's about feelings.

After all, you felt good about your "historic" Obama vote, didn't you? And that's what matters most.

So, again, are you happy now?

Winkie Colby



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