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Sunday, July 24, 2016
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Inlet’s golf history runs deep for locals

Express Staff

Depending on who you ask, the game of golf can either be extremely relaxing or very frustrating, sometimes both at the same time. Teeing up and hitting a perfect drive up the fairway is not always easy, and even the professionals have a crazy drive every now and again.But the love of golf is a deep love, and for many, starts at a young age.
Mike Beck, the golf pro at Inlet Golf Course first began playing at the age of five at Inlet when it was only a nine hole cou ...
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New sport in Lake Pleasant

LAKE PLEASANT – Twenty-one pickleball players attend the Lake Pleasant Pickleball Program Kick-Off session on Tuesday, June 28, held at the Lake Pleasant Town Tennis Courts located at the Hamilton County Office Complex on Route 8 in Lake Pleasant.
Pickleball is a court sport played on a badminton-sized court with the net lowered to 34 inches at the center. It is played with a perforated plastic ball similar to a wiffle ball and composite or wooden paddles about twice the size of ping-pong ...

Second annual Inlet Bass Derby is coming back June 26

The Inlet Historical Society is proud to announce they have adopted and are hosting the second annual Inlet Bass Derby on Sunday, June 26. 
The derby includes all waters between Old Forge Pond and Fifth Lake. A total of up to five legal black bass will be weighed in. Registration forms are available at or stop into the Inlet Information Office-located in the hollow of downtown Inlet.
Registration is $110 (including the lunker fee) for your boat, with a maximum of two per tea ...
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Bass derby results announced

The Long Lake Fish and Game Club hosted their annual Local Bass Derby from the Long Lake Town Beach.  There were 49 entries in the contest.  Weigh in saw 48 – Small Mouth Bass, 11 Large Mouth Bass, 17 Northern Pike. 
 The Fish and Game Club uses the $25 entry fee as the base for prizes.  First Place winners received $160, second place winners received $100 and third place winners received $60. 
Small Mouth Bass
1st Mary Jo Waite 3.14 lbs
2nd Al ...


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An outdoorsman’s wife has lots of understanding

For The Express

In today’s column I would like to talk about an outdoorsman’s wife. And for an example I am very proud to use my wife Rosemary when it comes to “understanding” the importance of my many fishing/hunting trips. She still laughs when I say I am going to “work.” A line I have been using since June 1, 1968 when I said “I do.” Recently I was asked by several ladies what I did on our anniversary and when I answered; “we ...

All software is experimental and sometimes there are no good solutions

For The Express

If you think you are getting a fully tested product when you buy a license to use consumer grade software, think again. It just ain’t so.
Notice I said “buy a license,” not “buy software.” A typical End User License Agreement (EULA) specifies that “The software is licensed, not sold.”
EULAs also make it pretty clear that software is pretty much provided ‘as is.’
For example, Microsoft’s one-year limited w ...

The Way Things Were
by Anne Weaver

About the week of July 21st, 1968, At HAMILTON COUNTY, a special meeting of the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors has been called at the Court House in Lake Pleasant, Chairman Charles Wickes announced. The board will study the plan for weighted voting produced by a computer and examined in Judge Michael Sweeney’s chambers by litigants in the Hamilton County reapportionment case.
The computer work was done by Lee A. Denny, senior computer specialist in General Electric’s informatio ...

Windows 10 upgrade deadline is July 29

For the Express

Windows 10 is far from perfect, but so is every other version of Windows.
However, the bottom line is that if you plan to continue using Windows, and you now have Windows 7 or 8, you should install the upgrade to Windows 10, even if only temporarily, to lock in your free license.
All cyber security experts agree that using the latest version of software with all updates generally results in the best security. In addition, while there will be some Microsoft support ...

Police Reports

Police Report - 07/14/2016

Police Reports

• LAKE PLEASANT — On July 1, Ethan F. Eobbi, 35, of Speculator, was arrested by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office for Criminal Contempt 2nd in the Town of Lake Pleasant.
Eobbi was arraigned in L ...

Police Report - 06/23/2016

LAKE PLEASANT--On June 8 at 8:29 p.m., the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jennifer R. Grassel, 34 of Lake Pleasant, for two counts of Petit Larceny in the Town of Lake Pleasant.
Grassel is to appear in Lake Pleasa ...

Police Reports - 06/16/2016

WELLS — On June 11 at noon, DEC Ray Brook Dispatch received a call from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office reporting a 67-year-old man from Toms River, New Jersey, with a lower-leg injury on Auger Falls Trail.
DEC Fo ...

Police and Ranger Report - 06/19/2016

LAKE PLEASANT — Ethan Francis Eobbi, 35, of Speculator was arrested by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office on June 2 at 2:30 p.m. for Stalking 4th in the Town of Lake Pleasant.
Eobbi was arraigned in Lake Pleasant Tow ...

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