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Wednesday, July 27, 2016
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Cats Limited of Hamilton County By Pat Leadley Scoop and flush away toxoplasmosis

Friday, March 07, 2014 - Updated: 11:43 AM

I hope this title grabs you. My message is that scooping cat boxes is every bit as important as flushing toilets. Enlightened owners quickly scoop and get poop out of the house.

I am proud to say no one coming in would guess I have four cats, because there is no smell. I admit to being compulsive about scooping and airing. And, do you know what? My cats deserve clean litter, and by golly, they have it.

Because urine and poop are quickly removed, the four boxes stay socially acceptable much longer. Boxes kept this clean can go a month between dumpings and washings.

Another thing. Notice, I said four cats and four boxes. It is important to have as many boxes as you have cats, all kept scrupulously clean. If your cat has ever "missed the box," ask yourself why. When they "slip up" it is usually the owner's fault.

Cats are very clean creatures, ruled by strong instinct. Don't cause them to pass up the box because it is dirty. Outdoors, they use a new spot to relieve themselves each time. Kept inside, they have little choice. The surprising thing is they adjust to this unnatural setup as well as they do.

Bottom line; if you love your cats, show it by giving them clean boxes.


New research shows we must scoop cat poop as directed above, because it is now known that toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection, is transferred from cat poop to people, from exposure (breathing in or getting into a cut). It is widespread globally, because toxoplasmosis is everywhere in soil.

Cats get it from digging in soil to bury poop. The bacterium infects humans after 24 hours gestation in poop, before hatching. As yet, there is no cure, so make sure you scoop scrupulously to avoid becoming infected.

To read more about toxoplasmosis go to Cornell Veterinary Hospital / Toxoplasmosis.


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