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Arietta studies assessments

Friday, March 29, 2013 - Updated: 4:29 PM


Express News Staff

ARIETTA–When the Arietta Town Board met on March 14, unpaid consulting assessor Jim Basile talked to the board about the reappraisal that the Town is due for in 2014.

He said it is not required but it may be a good idea so that the assessment doesn’t get too far under or over valued.

Basile said the state of NY says the Town’s assessment is slightly overvalued right now. He said that if the Town wants to do a reappraisal, there is a software program called Vision that works very well for the appraisal process and it will tie up with the RPS system that the County uses.

Basile said that if enough towns’s were interested in possibly purchasing the software, the company would come here and do a demonstration.

Basile said the Vision software has the ability to export HTML files so that in theory if the Town changed their software in the future, the information should be able to be imported into any other software.

Supervisor Rick Wilt asked Basile to get back to him with a cost for the software.


For the Airport Committee, Wilt reported that the engineering firm and the FAA have been pushing the Town to apply for another grant. But Wilt said he wasn’t interested at this time.

Wilt, reporting for the Building Committee, said there is some New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) grants available and they can be used for items like refrigerators, copiers etc.

Wilt suggested applying for a grant to purchase a smaller refrigerator for the kitchen in the Community Hall. This would allow the large one that is in there now to be shut off until there is an event big enough where it is needed to hold a lot of food.

Wilt said NYSERDA will pay 75% of the cost of the refrigerator.

The board thought this would be a good idea and approved applying for a grant.

Speaking for the Snowmobile Committee, Councilman Michael Knapp  reported that all of the machines used to groom trails are running grooming now.


Highway Superintendent  William Parslow asked if the board would like him to auction the 2003 and the 2007 pickups. He said they are getting to a point where they are costing too much to keep running. He said he was thinking he might get enough money from the sale of both of them to help off set the cost of a new one in the future.

The board agreed and approved putting them on Auctions International auction website.

The final action of the meeting occurred when the board agreed with Wilt to hold a special board meeting on March 18 to go over the employee handbook and any other Town business that may come up.

Note: This report was based upon meeting minutes provided by Town Clerk Kenneth Parslow.


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