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Two of Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department's four trucks share what little space there is in the 1937 firehouse. (Photo/Pete Klein)

The Long Lake Fire District Board of Commissioners is hoping to replace the 1937 firehouse attached to town hall. (Photo/Pete Klein)

Artist renderings by Rucinski Hall Architecture, Saratoga Springs, were on display at a public hearing Wednesday, April 23, on building a new firehouse. (Photo/Pete Klein)


New LL firehouse going to a vote

Saturday, April 26, 2014 - Updated: 9:15 AM


Express News Staff

LONG LAKE -- Residents of the Long Lake Fire District will vote in May on whether or not the 77-year-old firehouse here should be replaced for about $800,000.

The Board of Fire Commissioners held a public hearing Wednesday, April 23, on its proposal to build a new firehouse that will provide more room for fire trucks and other equipment.

Two of the fire department's four trucks are housed in the firehouse added to town hall in 1937. The other two are in a small town garage behind the firehouse.

Only 20 residents showed up for the meeting. Most were either the commissioners or members of the fire department.

Fire Commissioner Harry Buxton said, "One reason for moving is it's too tight for safe storage and response of fire apparatus. Also, with any future replacement of existing trucks, they would have to be specially designed to fit in the existing building, which would add to their cost."

The firehouse was open for anyone who wanted to see how tight the fit is. The trucks fit in like fingers in a glove, and there is no room to properly clean and set up for the next fire.

"The old locations will be turned over to the town," Buxton said. "It will be good for small vehicle storage and equipment. But larger vehicle storage would be difficult."

The proposed new firehouse would be located at South Hill and Newcomb Road, behind the Long Lake Rescue Squad building. It is estimated to cost about $800,000.

Buxton said the commissioners would present a referendum to voters sometime in May, seeking their approval to issue bonds to pay for the project. The commissioners are also trying to get a grant to cover some of the cost.


If fully funded by issuing bonds, a taxpayer currently paying fire taxes of $63.80 per $100,000 of assessed valuation would pay $73.28, a rise of $9.48 per year for 20 years.

If voters approve the bond, Buxton said work on the new firehouse would start in fall and it would be ready by next summer.

Buxton said taxpayers need to realize how much is being saved by having volunteer rather than paid firefighters. "The cost of just one paid firefighter would far exceed the cost of the new firehouse over the 20 years," he said.

The Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department currently has about 30 members.


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