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Monday, July 25, 2016
Speculator, NY ,

Important developments

Saturday, April 26, 2014 - Updated: 2:35 PM


Over the last 18 months our community has been engaged in a multi-faceted effort to revitalize our Main Street in Speculator. Long seen as the gateway to the fabulous recreation found in the center of this majestic park, Speculator has been a magnet for visitors and tourists for over a century.

From Camp-of-the-Woods, Moffitt's Beach, Camp Fowler, Deerfoot Lodge and the many great old hotels that graced our town, this little area has a history of welcoming those who seek nature's wonders.

Osborne Inn played a pivotal role in our early success when a friendship forged in World War I brought a young William Osborne and Gene Tunney home as Marines. When Tunney, a promising heavyweight boxing contender, chose to train at the inn. A tradition was started that would have boxers, fans and press coming to Speculator for years.

There have been few important developments recently. First, through the generosity of many ... and the fierce determination of a few ... over $200,000 was raised privately to purchase the property where Heavyweight Champion Gene Tunney's training ring was.

This fabulous piece of lakefront history will be joined with our existing Osborne Point Park to create one of the most scenic and accessible public spaces in the Adirondacks.

This is the first step in connecting our waterfront parks and beach with our commercial zone in a walkable Main Street. The plan also calls for our road traffic to be slowed, with safer crosswalks and sidewalks.

Finally, another generous donation has our town and village cooperating to bring the imaginative "Rt. 66" from its private showcase on S. Shore Rd. to the Speculator Pavilion Park, where these little buildings can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

These are just the beginning of a host of improvements our joint committee hopes to bring to our region as time and funding opportunities allow.

While impossible to name all who contribute to this vision, please thank Gloria Fant, John Van Buiten, Bob Feldmier, Mayor Rudes, Bob Camoin, Mary Finkle, the Simolas and the rest who continue to donate time, money and passion to our unique corner of God's Country.

Neil P. McGovern, supervisor

Town of Lake Pleasant


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