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Speculator, NY ,

LP seeks grants for revitalization

Saturday, May 25, 2013 - Updated: 2:55 PM


Express News Staff

LAKE PLEASANT - The Lake Pleasant Town Board is willing to spend up to $750 for a grant application that, if successful, could help pay for the implementation of key components of the recently completed Speculator / Lake Pleasant Community Revitalization Plan.

When the Town Board met Monday, May 20, it voted to accept an offer made in a May 3 letter from Ronald J. Laberge, vice president of Laberge Group, Albany, to Supervisor Neil McGovern.

Laberge wrote in part, "We understand there is a well qualified group of volunteers that have been working diligently to revitalize the community.

"These individuals have a long list of accomplishments and we propose, with a small amount of technical assistance from our office, they can be best prepared to submit competitive grant applications for the soon to be announced Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) and recently announced Transportation Enhancement Program (TEP).

"As such, we propose to assist your volunteer effort by providing the technical assistance needed to advance priority projects to be fully ready for the CFA and TEP grant programs. Once funded, we propose to continue in a technical capacity to deliver the designs and permit applications needed for construction."

The proposed cost for the help is $1,500. The town board voted to come up with $750 and accept the proposal if the Village of Speculator is also willing to contribute $750.


If the village is willing to partner with the town, Laberge said in his letter, he assumes "the community will choose to proceed with two projects including acquisition of lands adjacent to Osborne Point and a sidewalk or trail connection along the west side of Route 30.

"Depending on grant funding priorities these projects may include tangential water quality improvement project components as set forth in the plan. As part of this task, Laberge Group will meet with volunteers to discuss these two projects in detail and develop an action plan to identify the precise scope of each project that maximizes probability of stakeholder support and grant funding.

"During the meeting, initial project limits and budgets will be established. A list of opportunities, potential constraints, and grant application readiness requirements will also be documented."

If the grant application is successful and money is received, Laberge stated the project implementation fee would then need to be determined.


McGovern floated the idea of a town highway employee being trained as a Bti applicator. He said no employee would be required to become a Bti applicator, but anyone who did would need to be physically fit.

He said the idea is only in the initial stage and much needs to be determined. Questions to be resolved include the need to make certain the job would not detract from other duties and the pay being separate from the existing town job, so as not to create an overtime situation that would negate any savings to be had by having an in-house applicator.


McGovern said he would be working with the Adirondacks Speculator Region Chamber of Commerce to make certain local businesses are prepared to take advantage of the increased tourism Adirondack Challenge Festival Week July 12-21 is expected to bring the region.

He also said he will be talking with school officials to see if school buses could be used to help with transportation and alleviate expected parking problems.


The town board has made some changes to the rules and regulations pertaining to town cemeteries: dogs are no longer permitted; one white solar light standing no more than 14 inches above ground level is allowed per plot; and each plot may have one monument which may not be wider than the plot.

The town plans to purchase software for entering maps and plot information into a computer. It will cost $3,339.


-- The board has agreed to waive the $100 filing fee for a subdivision adjustment permit application from the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

-- A public forum at Lake Pleasant Central School June 12 at 7 p.m. will be on revitalization.

The next meeting of the town board will be Monday, June 3, starting at 7 p.m. in Town Hall.


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