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Thursday, July 28, 2016
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More a wimper than a bang

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - Updated: 11:39 PM

To the Editor:

With the endorsement of 11 county committees, the 2012 Republican presidential ticket, and national superPACs spending over a million dollars to get her elected, the primary ought to be a slam dunk for Elise Stefanik. It looks more like a whimper than a bang for her.

There is no groundswell of support for her. There is no movement championing her cause like that of Doug Hoffman. There are no fiery orators making impassioned pleas for her election. Only a million dollars worth of nattering negativism interrupting our nightly news. Ominous music rehashing issues resoundingly ignored by the voters in 2010 and 2012.

In the face of all this negativity, 160 elected officials lined up to support Matt Doheny. I am one of them.

The truth is we know Matt is the only candidate with business experience. We know Matt is the real deal. We know Matt has been vetted by the voters, and this fall he’ll join the ranks of Lincoln, Reagan and Gingrich as Republicans who didn't win on their first go around.

In her own literature, Elise calls herself a “small businesswoman with a proven record of creating jobs.” The truth is she can’t point to a single job she’s created outside her campaign.

She claims “new ideas” but hasn't articulated any; “new leadership” but hasn't led much more than a blog.

The truth doesn't matter to these superPACs. Only winning.

The primary is June 24. Please join me in voting for Matt Doheny.

Jeremiah Maxon


Jefferson County Legislator, District 10


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