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Long Lake turns down town noise law

Sunday, July 06, 2014 - Updated: 8:16 AM


Express News Staff

LONG LAKE -- There was much ado about noise the day before fireworks were launched from one end of the county to the other to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

The Hamilton County Board of Supervisors voted July 3 to strengthen the county noise law by increasing penalties, and the Town of Long Lake voted down a noise law it had proposed.

The Long Lake law would have required organizers and property owners planning to hold "mass gatherings" to pay $750 and meet a long list of requirements to obtain a permit for an event. Violations would have resulted in fines as high as $25,000 a day and/or two years in prison.

The town board held a public hearing on the proposal in the afternoon in the school gym in Raquette Lake and in the evening in Long Lake Town Hall. Over 40 residents attended in Raquette Lake and over 20 in Long Lake.


The public hearings and numerous signed petitions, letters, emails and phone calls to the town offices showed a vast majority of residents opposed the law.

Marc Katz, owner of the Long Lake Camp For The Arts, said it would be anti-business. He noted a provision requiring an environmental review would be prohibitively expensive, discouraging anyone from staging an event that required a permit.

Former Supervisor Gregg Wallace said, "I hope you will reconsider and not adopt this law as written. This is not the way to get where you want to go."

Long Lake Director of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Alex Roalsvig said the law would discourage business.

A couple of people from Raquette Lake said the noise being complained about isn't noise, but some really good music, and some people go out on boats at night to listen.


During discussion after closing the public hearing Councilman Craig Seaman said he would vote no, as did Councilman Thomas Donnelly. Councilman Richard Dechene suggested holding off on a vote so absent Councilman Dean Pohl could be present.

But Supervisor Seaman pressed for a vote, saying it was time to move on. All four voted against the proposal.

The next regular meeting of the Long Lake Town Board will be Wednesday, July 30, in the Raquette Lake school gym.


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