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Better communication urged

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 - Updated: 3:49 PM


Express News Staff

BLUE MT. LAKE -- Marty Evanoff did double duty when the Indian Lake Town Board met at the Blue Mt. Lake Fire Hall Monday, Aug. 11, speaking for both the Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce and the Indian Lake Community Development Corporation (ILCDC).

The bulk of her talk focused on a position paper drafted by the ILCDC, "Enhancing Communication in Indian Lake."

"The Indian Lake community, consisting of the hamlets of Sabael, Blue Mountain Lake and Indian Lake, has an ever-growing need to communicate more effectively," Evanoff said. "The ILCDC would like to build upon the success of the current communications within the town but is also interested in defining new and more efficient systems for building community and personal connections routinely on a short-term basis; and taking strides to create new mechanisms for securing information sharing on a long-term basis."

This would include collaborating with as many government, civic and fraternal organizations as possible.

Evanoff said the ILCDC also wants to help organize and manage events.

"In so doing," Evanoff said, "we then begin working together in a harmonious fashion, allowing all of us the benefits of the wise use of our time, and schedules that work together without conflict.

"This will bring us together as a community and, hopefully, allow the synchronization of our community. ILCDC believes collaboration will result in better coordination and successful partnership."


Recommendations to achieve this goal include creating mutual Internet links with relevant web sites; for example, the town site, the chamber site, and the Hamilton County site.

These links should include social and business organizations, she said. "By listing all community groups, with their associated contact information, the website becomes more valuable," Evanoff said.


Of primary concern to the ILCDC is a more inclusive and user-friendly events calendar.

Evanoff said, "On the town website there is one listing. We could share many of the organizations' calendar events and link to calendars for others. Presently, a mailing of the yearly events is sent out from the town.

"This could be enhanced with all the events on the mass mailing to allow updates and new or changed activities to be shared online. Most importantly, last minute information could be shared on the web site."


Evanoff also gave a brief report on the chamber of commerce.

She said due to a change in staffing and reduced financial resources, the chamber office is now open Fridays through Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It will be open Mondays through Thursdays when volunteers are available.

She also suggested people stop in when the office is open to meet Rebeca Schiller, the chamber's new staff person.


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