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Thursday, July 28, 2016
Speculator, NY ,

Come in disguise

Sunday, August 24, 2014 - Updated: 5:07 PM

Dear Cris,

Mr. Cuomo, we are glad to hear you came up to Indian Lake to take that raft trip. I'm sure that helped to promote rafting.

I was wondering if you might come up north again to Speculator via Rt. 30 and notice all the new imported weeds and firewood for sale signs along the way; also all the tourists and boats we already have on the lakes.

They tell me some of the lakes are becoming polluted. Take time and visit the state campgrounds and you will notice attendance way down at times and also they are selling firewood. In my opinion this will hurt people along Rt. 30 ad others trying to make a little money that way.

I notice in the papers you want to create jobs and tourism up here and around Hynie Mountain. DEC is promoting building more lean-tos around our remote lakes and ponds.

Some of us feel this would make those lakes the same as Lake Pleasant with all the camps around it.

Perhaps we could direct some of these people to state campgrounds instead and tell them to stop selling firewood because this hurts jobs up here.

On your next trip up, come in an old pickup truck in disguise and stop and visit with people selling firewood and small farmers; people who have to work for a living, who are just making it, and people who are here for less crime and the quiet. The Lone Ranger would be a good disguise. He tried to help us when I was a kid. He wore two pistols and gave out bullets.

Have you noticed crime has doubled in Gloversville and Amsterdam? I think this will cause different thinking for you and give you clearer information.

Have you noticed how many people have signs that are against the SAFE Act?

Lewis N. Page Sr.



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